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This information was given to me from a true man of God; please refer to the original source:…
I took down detailed notes and wish to live by this and share this with others!
God Bless!

Matthew 6:33

New King James Version (NKJV)

33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Points that God wants the whole world to know:

Point # 1:
For those that call themselves Christians: this is the lay of the sea in church age in which we live.
A high majority of Christians, in fact; are living a deceived life.
They talk: Jesus, and play church, but do not live it.
They claim to be Christians, then live like the devil.
They have bought the great lie from satan, who tells them that they are alright.
He tells them that: "It is alright to go to church on Sunday, and attend mid-week services."
But as far as the rest of the time that's concerned, they are to get all they can out of life.
As far as their Christian life that's concerned, they believe they are comfortable and have need of nothing.
And as a result: they are only lukewarm Christians; if Christians at all.

Point # 2:
Satan is a personal devil.

Point # 3:
To the whole world: this is Noah's second day.
As it was in the days of Noah: So shall it be in the days of the coming of the son of man.
Humans took no thought as to what Noah was saying, Nor did any humans believe that anything was about to change.
Humanity can see the storm clouds over the horizon, and yet did not believe the rain was imminent.
Notice the close parallel today: Humanity can see all the signs of the last days, yet humanity does not believe that anything will change.
He does not believe in the impending coming of our Lord, and he does not prepare to meet God.

Point # 4:
For those who claim to be Christians:
They are supposed to be ambassadors of Christ here on earth.
One cannot have any true witness or power in this life, unless one lives this Christian life at all times. - 24 hours a day. - 7 days a week.
To be a True Christian: One must Live it. - Not just talk it.
To Honor God with your lips and not your heart is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
Those who accept the responsibility of teaching, preaching, or any leadership roll; have much for which to answer.

Point # 5:
God is NOW in the process of recruiting an Army, with which God will shake this whole world one more time.
By working through as soldiers, God will produce great miracles that will shake the established hierarchy of the so-called organized religion that is in the world today.
These soldiers of God that is now recruiting will demonstrate the power of God to a greater extent than did the disciples in the pentecostal age.
Now the recruitment of process is begun in earnest because God is about to perform the GREAT MIRACLES through his Army that God promised us God would do in the Bible.
John the Baptist brought the spirit of Elijah into the world, and he did not know that he even had it.
-John denied it; that Jesus confessed that it was so.
The purpose of that spirit was to make straight the paths of the coming of the Lord.
-The Alpha and Omega, the cause of all the universe; was hurting because a mere earth child was hurting.
Oh what Love! - What Understanding!
It was so far beyond anything a mere earthling can understand.
Oh how precious just one little, insignificant earth is to that GREAT GOD!

Please watch the video and share this with everyone:
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azoreseuropa Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015
Excuse me but God is a title, subject, and things li ke that. He has a name. He mentioned it: Psalm 83:18. Jesus mentioned his father God's name as well. 
saykha Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Student Writer
Amazing :heart: I was discussing this very topic this weekend
AngelC28 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Student Artist
Thank you so much for sharing this. I've been seeking God for the wrong reasons but during this stand still period of my life my search actually lead me to thinking right. This even further opened my eyes! Again, thank you.
370wii Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Amen, good to hear :) Give all the thanks to God.

I myself have backslid and this too opened my eyes and I had to share it.
Snailing-Along Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
The message was very somber, but very eye opening.
Thank you so much for sharing.
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